Metaphysics for the layman

In our vast world field with technology to assist us gives us time to improve on our minds, bodies, and spirit. I believe instead of science and religion fighting, as I have written and discussed for years there is a marriage, the only separation is caused by mankind’s not understanding that to have a tangible world there must be the intangible world first. In order to create we begin with a thought as divine intelligence did with us and then movement which spirit provides and what do we come up with? A physical manifestation of those two previous acts.

We are capable of great things when we release ourselves from some of the daily grinds. It is okay to play board and video games because they exercise dexterity and the mind to hand manipulation and gives balance and confidence in thought and movement. As far as competition, it is a good thing if it is done without cheating whether you are as myself like only competing with me as a blind horse with blinders and learning and admiring those around me. Or, you can compete with others because this releases chemicals in your body that satisfies that need to get that impulse out which is your nature.

Which ever it might be, we need to embrace our future with hope and prospects and note

when we think healthy good productive thoughts that will be the world we create. If we allow those around us with negative thoughts and love to drain others intentionally, meditation is good to learn how to figure self out and how to be able to find your peace and love with others. Being, a mystic and spiritual healer, prior to becoming a metaphysician, I know ell how it feels to get around others and that we feel and take in can spill out on those around us creating misunderstandings as we are picking others energies, thoughts that are near or fear and flows into our space. Many do not believe this takes place only because they haven’t taken the time to research this by going into the rabbit hold and paying attention to you truly and how you relate to others. I believe psychology is on the brink of finding out a lot of anxiety and some depression cases may come from our contact with others and not knowing some may believe they are experiencing pain and frustration fear and do not know where it is coming from and begin looking in the wrong places so the issue is not resolved.

Metaphysics incorporate many subjects from medicine, law, civility, religion, creation, mathematics, astronomy, science and self discipline to name a few. I have been born as an adapt to the field and before knowing the field I was living the field as all will be one day. I hope you enjoy this blog and invite others to read these words as well as those in the future whether in educational form or the fine art of poetry it is a love and a field that speaks to all, as we are all in life on this journey we call living.







First blog post

As a poet since the early eighties when I began writing for publication in order to spread my wings at the right time, which in my terms meant that I would feel confident in my work and not feel threatened by other poets believing that my poetry could not fair among other poets. I did not think competitively, although I started being published by entering anthology contests which required me to be able to write poems no less than twenty lines and compete with others to qualify getting into the volume among my peers.

The first poem I sent in was a love poem of regret and sentimentality, although it seem to be beautifully written as I was told by those that read this poem, something moved me into feeling I was ready to do something I had enjoyed, that is reading poetry, and of course now being able to write poetry. When I got my first acceptance, after my first time ever sending in a poem, I could not believe that many others I had known, had not been selected to be published and had got rejections. This prompted me to see if this poetry anthology was a legitimate publisher and editor of poems. I decided to write a horrible poem and see if my poem would be accepted, and it was not, it actually was the only rejection letter I ever received in the thirty-two years i have been writing poetry.

My next hurdle in writing for Anthologies was to make it to the front page, because i felt if I were an editor that wanted to sell the anthologies, I would want the first poems to be attractive, so I did not strive competitively to reach this goal, I focused on the poetry and the type of anthologies I was writing to achieve publication.In publications I was near the front of the book but by the new millennium and at this time I made it to the front page.

How did I feel? I felt great, but the road was long and time moving swiftly, I listened to those in writing for a long time advise write and write some more. This took my mind away from thinking I was where I needed to be. Instead it fosters my belief that one can never write enough to feel comfortable, after all what is a successful writer? Is it the money, fame, or love of the art? For me, love of the art. I knew this when I was asked by the educators of my area that was on the committee to select the entertainment for the Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. annual march for 2000, where the March ends at our exhibit center, at that time the largest in our area. They have various performers of the arts such as acting, choirs, musicians, orators, and a poet. I wrote poems especially for that day that had to be read and approved by the committee. I was honored when chosen and I felt successful, but the standing ovation I received from those that I had admired in their various fields gave me a feeling inside that I had fulfilled my niche and for me that was empowering. All this to say that as long as there are poets and a need for truth, colorful fiction, historical documentation, a beautiful way to express the eloquence of word by writing or delivery, poetry shall never die.

It is the back bone of all forms of literary writing and one of the oldest forms of fine art. There has always been a need for poetic expression as musicians are accompanied by songs that are written in verse. Children learn by nursery rhymes which is our first relationship with poetry and shows the power poetry has over us and its influence over the masses that read the poetry we share. When there is a love for poetry it becomes a way of living, the way it takes over our being we become walking poetry, that old expression, poetry in motion literally.. So fear not fellow poets, write with love and passionately in confidence, as at one point in history, poetry was the main source of entertainment that later became a marriage with instruments singing songs of love,  way of recording and passing history along before and after scribes began to write for the Priests and Kings as  all these forms of beauty was given to the angels to give to us, and on that metaphorical note I shall leave you to enjoy meditating on the aesthetic of language.